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DOT Compliance- Proper Cargo Securement

Insurance, fuel, preventive maintenance and repairs are generally accepted as standard operating costs for fleets. What about avoidable violations like unsecured load fines? Most fleet managers agree that vehicle issued violations present a costly, burdensome problem that use valuable resources and are avoidable. In today’s company culture of pro-safety, violation-related issues are becoming a more visible discussion topic in the fleet world. Unsecured load violations are on the rise, driven in large part by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This overview [...]


Load Securement Safety Program

Benefits of a Fleet Cargo Securement Program: Eliminates unsecured load violations Deters law enforce engagement by using a certified tie-down system; visual deterrent Reduces risk and liability of companies Improves safety compliance of companies Improves safety for all motorists Improves and preserves the environment What does a Fleet Cargo Securement Program entail? Adopt a company-wide cargo safety & securement policy using the following safety objectives: All loads are to be properly secured no matter their size, dimension or weight to ensure safe transportation. Cargo safety and compliance with DOT [...]