About the Gladiator Cargo Net

The story

Gladiator Cargo Net - Farm pickup truck

The Gladiator Cargo Net you see today started with an idea back in 1989. Built out of need. The inventor and SafetyWeb Product Sales, founder Bruce Foggy, loves adventure and wanted a cargo net to safely and easily secure his hiking and camping gear for the mountains, scuba diving gear for the sea. Working in the field of geology he packed up his pickup truck with gear most every weekend to explore the great outdoors with family and friends.

In 1993 Bruce, decided to take a chance and launch is cargo net business with the help from family and friends in hopes to one day be successful with the rewards of hard work and perseverance.

Bruce, wanted to develop a quality, load rated cargo net. So, through trial and error, he finally came up with a good design and received his first patent in 2005. He wanted to be the first on the market with a load rated cargo net so Bruce, researched military testing and capacity rating methods. Following the military model, he found a facility and successfully conducted his first certified load capacity rating test, July 22, 2004. The “Cargo SafetyWeb” a medium-duty net product.

After having success with his medium-duty net Bruce, went to the drawing board to develop a heavy-duty cargo net. In 2012 Bruce, received his second cargo net patent developed for commercial fleets the military and haulers who want a heavy-duty cargo net. The Gladiator Cargo Net was born, the ultimate heavy-duty cargo restraint. All nets and components are independently tested and certified by a licensed professional engineer, licensed by the State of California.

Another thing Bruce had in mind when he started his cargo net business, was to have a standard stamped on his cargo restraint products. In 2013 Bruce, achieved his first standard AS/NZS 4380.2001 Motor vehicles – Cargo restraint system – Transport webbing and components. Developed in Australia and is one of the highest standards in the world. The standard requires a compliance audit annually to keep certification current and active. The Gladiator Net is only cargo net on the market with this standard and quality.

The company thrives today because of our renown customer service and quality products. We’re here to help people safely secure and restrain their loads in any vehicle. We have many 5-star reviews from individuals, company’s, government agencies and military customers. We’re here to help you, with whatever your needs are. If one of our many Gladiator products won’t work for you, we’ll find you help by referring you to someone else who can help you with your needs. Our top priority is safety first at any cost! So be safe out there when you or someone you know are hauling anything in a vehicle!