Keeping your load safe in less time than you think!

Not only is properly securing your cargo the right thing to do, it can be done quickly if you use the right tool for the job. Everyone has a wild story about someone losing a cargo while driving on the freeway. This is a very dangerous matter that can easily be addressed, don’t let this happen to you! Properly securing your cargo does not need to be a hassle of knots, ropes and straps. All in one solutions are [...]

DOT Cargo Crackdown Alert

DOT Cargo Crackdown What is Happening? It is no secret, as many of you know, that the DOT has cracked down on cargo related issues in recent years. There have been many public safety incidents concerning proper load securement that have pressured the federal government into addressing the issue. This trend can be seen in several places:1. Increased citations issued by the DOT regarding cargo related violations. This resulted in 88,000 cargo related violations in 2013 (80% resulted in Out of Service), [...]

DOT Compliance- Proper Cargo Securement

Insurance, fuel, preventive maintenance and repairs are generally accepted as standard operating costs for fleets. What about avoidable violations like unsecured load fines? Most fleet managers agree that vehicle issued violations present a costly, burdensome problem that use valuable resources and are avoidable.In today’s company culture of pro-safety, violation-related issues are becoming a more visible discussion topic in the fleet world. Unsecured load violations are on the rise, driven in large part by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This overview [...]

Load Securement Safety Program

Benefits of a Fleet Cargo Securement Program:Eliminates unsecured load violations Deters law enforce engagement by using a certified tie-down system; visual deterrent Reduces risk and liability of companies Improves safety compliance of companies Improves safety for all motorists Improves and preserves the environmentWhat does a Fleet Cargo Securement Program entail?Adopt a company-wide cargo safety & securement policy using the following safety objectives:All loads are to be properly secured no matter their size, dimension or weight to ensure safe transportation. Cargo safety and compliance with DOT [...]

Gladiator Cargo Nets meet Australian Standard

Why Australia?At this point in time the United States does not have a standard to meet the laws and regulations we have in place. With no American standard in place we went to our Australian distributors who recommended the AS/NZS 4380.2001 standard which is considered the most stringent cargo restraint standard in the world.It was no easy process to attain certification. The prominent BSI Group ensured a thorough evaluation of our Gladiator Cargo Nets before endorsing them. Founded in [...]


Gladiator Cargo Nets, formerly known as Gorilla Cargo Nets, will be introducing their new line of Gladiator Cargo Nets at the NTEA Work Truck Show, March 5, 2014. The new Gladiator Line will have sizes for every vehicle from ATV nets to the popular XXL net sized at 10.5’ x 18.5’ for the biggest of loads. With the popularity of the Gorilla Net our customers will love the new & improved Gladiator Cargo Net even more. We have made some very user-friendly upgrades [...]


PORTER — Police responded Tuesday afternoon to a crash on Interstate 94 eastbound near Indiana 49 when a semitrailer rolled over and spilled its contents on the roadway.Indiana State Police say Thomas E. Poling, 47, of Fairborn, Ohio, was on the ramp and going too fast when he braked for a slower moving vehicle. About 45,000 pounds of metal shavings in 10 containers were not secured inside the trailer, investigators said, and theshifting load caused the semi and its trailer to roll over onto [...]


Reporting a Lost or Unsecured Load We would like to thank all our readers for your commitment to proper cargo securement. Washington State Patrol asks you to do your part in keeping safe, clean roadways; they outline the proper procedure on how to report a lost or unsecured load: Reporting a Lost or Unsecured LoadIf you have witnessed or been a victim of a lost load you can call 911 or the Washington State Patrol and provide the following information that [...]

Ignorance strikes again!

Ignorance strikes again!“Bruce, this is what happened to me yesterday on 680 when everyone slammed on their brakes because some idiot lost a bag of stuff off his truck in the fast lane. 4 cars involved no one hurt thank god. That’s my car in top. Notice also the easy-up that I had in the back of my car that slid up between the seats from the impact. It should have been tied down!” –Friend of the author who [...]


Extreme summer heat seems to be hanging around in many parts of the country, which can bring extra concerns out on the road. Keep these simple tire safety tips in mind when the temperatures climb.Make sure your tires are properly inflated. When the air is too low the tire creates more heat because of excess flexing.  This not only affects the handling and fuel economy, but it also causes the tires to wear out faster and make the chances [...]