Q. What is the difference between a Gladiator Net and a SafetyWeb?

A: The Gladiator Net is a heavy duty combination cargo net and mesh for medium to heavy duty loads. It is geared towards commercial users who are looking for the strongest, easiest to use, net on the market.

The SafetyWeb has a mesh tarp center with cargo net perimeter for light to medium duty loads. It is geared more towards the outdoorsmen and weekend warrior that needs a tough net that can keep up with their tough lifestyle.




Q. How do I tie down your net / can I only attach tie downs to the 4 corners?

A: The great thing about our nets is their versatility, they have many grommet tie-down points along the perimeter, the meshing and even interior tabs. This means that you can make your net smaller or larger depending on your hauling needs.

Attachment Points

Shown are the 9 main anchor tie-down points. There are tie-down points all around the net you can use with additional straps for added strength and security.


Strength Rating

Adding additional straps adds to the nets already impressive strength rating

Q. What makes a Gladiator Cargo Net so great/different than others?

A. There are four main reasons our nets stand apart from the competition

  1. Mesh– The integrated mesh makes it smooth on one side, preventing snags when throwing a net over a load. An easy, one person job. (Patented design only found on our nets!)
  2. Grommets– The many grommets make the net fit to your current application, add additional straps when needed to increase nets working load.
  3. High Strength– The big daddy of all cargo nets, highest rated on the market.


Q. Do I need additional straps?

A. Additional straps are recommended if you are hauling oversized loads or are hauling oddly shaped loads.


Q. How long are the hardware straps?

A. The straps are 2.5’ feet long at their maximum and can be shrank down to 9” inches.


Q. Common misconceptions

Many people wrongly assume that the weight of their cargo alone will keep it from blowing away.  Not so according to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the list below are commonly found items on our nation’s highways.