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Premium Breathable KF94 Certified Face Masks Individually Wrapped (White)

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Easy Breathing Design
Designed to protect you while remaining comfortable and breathable. Utilizing a three-dimensional protective design with contoured edges it leaves more breathing space for your nose and mouth.
Soft and flexible to provide comfort with a nose wire designed to keep the mask in place creating a perfect fit with maximum comfort.
Special elastic war loops do not strangle the ears and fits all sizes with a secure seal.

Premium Materials
Ultra-lightweight premium materials are used in every mask. The inner layer fabric is designed to absorb moisture from exhaling.

The multi-layer fabric remains comfortable even after long periods of time even for those with sensitive skin.

Advanced Active Protection
The multi-layer filtration system filters 94% of particles down to .3 microns in size, equivalent to the highest filter rating issued by the FDA. This protects your respiratory system from airborne particles while allowing you to breath easier.
Effective to filter out pollutants like dust, allergens, pollen, chemicals, and smoke while other reusable masks are less effective when it comes to filtering harmful particles in the air.