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DOT Cargo Crackdown Alert

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What's Happening?

It is no secret, as many of you know, that the DOT has cracked down on cargo related issues in recent years. There have been many public safety incidents concerning proper load securement that have pressured the federal government into addressing the issue. This trend can be seen in several places:

1. Increased citations issued by the DOT regarding cargo related violations. This resulted in 88,000 cargo related violations in 2013 (80% resulted in Out of Service), a rise from 50,000 in 2011.

2. In 2015 the CVSA International Roadcheck focus was on cargo safety; they issued 2,439 violations for improper load securement in 72 hours.

3. The GOA released a congress requested report in 2012 showing how severe the problem of crashes resulting from unsecured loads is and how the DOT plans on keeping a closer eye on the growing problem.

4. The recently passed FAST Act funds public education on how dangerous transporting an unsecured load can be.


We believe this will lead to stiffer penalties and increased law enforcement down the road. This pattern of issues mimics  the progression of seatbelt regulations that are so prevalent today.


FMCSA Regulation Parts § 392.9 – 392.130
FAST ACT BILL-114hr22enr

How Gladiator Cargo Nets can help

Take the proactive solution and stay ahead of the new legislation. Protect your fleet from liability and violations before DOT enforcement drops the hammer on you!

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