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Check out the photo of the first time I used it. It’s a solid product. First time use was to secure bins stacked high and they did not move an inch. Traveled on bumpy city roads and even on the highway in rainy conditions. Very impressed and would definitely recommend

-Chris C.

The price initially caused me pause, but you get what you pay for, this thing is rock solid and well designed. The other thing that sealed the deal was stopping to remember how much time wasted and frustration with my old stretchy net and time to untangle it, and dealing with it catching on everything. First use of the gladiator net validated the good decision, easy to cover the load and tie down securely – these guys have figured this out.


I searched high and low for something like this product. Finally I hit upon it and couldn’t imagine traveling in my truck without it. Makes buying items secure. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how “ready” I am when needing to load the bed. Won’t travel without it ever!


This is a Great well built tough cargo net. Very versatile as far as tie down locations. Well worth the money spent, you will never have to buy another cargo net again!


This is the best money we’ve ever spent! We bought this net for an interstate move but have used it for Vacations, camping, moving people, a second interstate move this time across the country, taking brush to the dump, etc. We’ve had it two years and not a single rip ever after loading over a bunch of rose bush limbs and branches. Tightens great with the additional straps provided, when used with a tarp is waterproof and holds up well.


If you are going to have to flee late at night from a rapidly approaching beast of a wildfire (that will destroy everything you own) I would highly recommend this product. We didn't have the time to pack as much as we would have liked, but dang it sure did hold down our last remaining items very well and continues to do so as we wander around like vagabonds. Super sturdy, quick to secure. Tolerates lots of ash, smoke and even a few embers. Probably one on my best Amazon purchases thus far.


Bought this to easily cover camping stuff in the bed of my long bed Tacoma. I was surprised how beefy is was. Definitely a quality product. It’s nice to just toss it over the stuff, secure the 4 corner straps, and tighten. I no longer worry about shifting loads and stray things flying out of the bed. I thought the price was a bit steep but it’s such high quality I no longer think that. It’s one of those rare products that are made right.

-Ray Hanes

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