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Materials Selection

Why do we use the materials we use? 

At this point I'm a broken record but.......our nets are the sum of their parts! While the design plays a huge role in the overall net, maintaining the highest quality "ingredients" makes for the best finished product. 

Of all the webbing materials available (nylon, polyester, and polypropylene) we selected polypropylene as our standard. Unlike the others, it does not absorb water and allows for UV treating. As our nets are used primarily on road vehicles and exposed to the sun and elements for a majority of their lives, we needed to ensure the rays and rain would not deteriorate the net. We created a product that can withstand being left exposed to the elements. Both the webbing straps and extruded mesh are UV treated, making them highly chemical resistant. 

The mesh is actually made to be "rip-stop" which means that even if it is punctured, it won't continue to unravel or affect the strands next to it. This is invaluable to the overall strength of the net. 


Our grommets also need to be strong enough to endure constant use but light enough to not add weight to the overall net (they range from 40-180 each net!). We selected coated brass for their durability while being lightweight. 

Our attachment hardware is also carefully crafted for quality. Made from zinc coated steel, we use the highest rated cam buckles and carabiners we could find- stamped at 1323 lbs. (600 kg) each. We use steel products as often as possible to ensure each connection point is independently as durable as the other. 


Both our N-hooks and S-hooks are crafted from industrial steel and are rubber coated to help protect your vehicle. Of course, they are also stamped with their weight rating to clear Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and inspections.

Our waterproof nets are also made from UV treated 18 oz vinyl- which, after much trial and error, is the perfect thickness to balance heavy-duty use while still being malleable and manageable enough for a truck bed. 

Even our thread is UV treated! We take great pains to ensure every component contributes to the whole. We're lucky enough to partner with great suppliers who are able to constantly provide the quality products we need. 

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