At this time the US does not have an existing official standard to meet the laws and regulations we have in place. With no US standard available, we went to our Australian distributors who recommended the AS/NZS 4380.2001 standard; considered the most stringent cargo restraint standard in the world.

It was no easy process to get!

The prominent BSI Group ensured a thorough evaluation of our Gladiator Cargo Nets before endorsing them. Founded in 1901, BSI has long been a global leader in business standards. Many months of testing and oversight had to be done. Each component of the cargo net was individually rated and tested as well as the net as a whole; in addition, the factory received multiple inspections to ensure a consistently high quality product.

Australia’s National Transport Commission has been championing the importance of load restraining for decades. Australia and New Zealand have some of the strictest laws in the world, they require that no cargo net transporting cargo have an opening larger than 2” or 5.08 cm. In addition, it’s against the law to let strap ends flap loosely in the wind. Fines range from $50.00 per item to thousands of dollars for noncompliance. The result of enforcing these stringent laws has made a significant impact on the environment, taxpayer money and roadway safety. Learn more here.