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Q) Do I need additional straps?

Generally, if you are hauling oversized loads or oddly shaped loads, additional straps are recommended. 4 standard hardware straps are included with each net while additional/other styles are available for purchase. 


Q) How long are the hardware attachment straps?

The straps are 2.5’ feet long at their maximum and can be shrank down to 9” inches.


Q) What is the difference between a Gladiator Net and a SafetyWeb?

The Gladiator Net is a heavy duty combination cargo net and mesh for medium to heavy duty loads. It is geared towards commercial users who are looking for the strongest, easiest to use, net on the market.

The SafetyWeb has a mesh tarp center with cargo net perimeter for light to medium duty loads. It is geared more towards the outdoorsman and weekend warrior that needs a tough net that can keep up with their tough lifestyle.

SafetyWeb vs Gladiator cargo net


Q) How do I tie down your net / can I only attach tie downs to the 4 corners?
Our nets all have amazing versatility. All our products have multiple grommet tie-down points along the perimeter, as well as throughout the meshing, and even interior pull tabs. This allows you to make your net smaller or larger, depending on your hauling needs. While the nets come with 4 standard hardware straps they are designed to allow for additional straps for added strength and security. Shown are the 9 main anchor tie-down points. 

Gladiator cargo net reference sizes with grommets. Net sizing guide.


Q) How many sizes are available?
Currently we make 18 different size nets- refer below for a quick reference size guide. For convenience, sizes shown in both feet and inches. 

Sizing guide. Gladiator cargo net size application

Sizing guide. Gladiator cargo net size application

Q) What makes a Gladiator Cargo Net so great/different than others?
  • Integrated Mesh makes it smooth on one side which prevents snags when throwing a net over a load. An easy, one person job
  • Patented Design only available on our nets!
  • Multiple Grommets Attachment Points allow the net fit any application, and allow you to add additional straps when needed to increase nets working load
  • High Strength & Certification... the "Big Kahuna" of all cargo nets, the highest rated on the market
Q) Are your nets weather proof?

For full protection from the elements check out our Gladiator Waterproof Cargo Net!

Our classic Gladiator, SafetyWeb, and Mesh Tarp products are made from a polypropylene design that is not affected by water, however some water will go through the mesh netting while raining. When using one of our mesh designed nets we do recommend using a tarp to protect your cargo from the elements and placing our cargo nets over the tarp to keep contents safe and secure. 


Truck with tarp and gladiator cargo net. Weatherproof design.