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Semi Tractor Trailer Shelf Cargo Net

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Special order item- please Contact Us directly to request additional information. 

Our semi-trailer shelf net is a great way to increase the load capacity of your trailer. The nets are made from the same rugged materials as our classic Gladiator Net to withstand commercial use.

Created with storage space in mind- store your lightweight or smaller items on a dedicated "shelf" to extend your capacity. 

Features & Advantages
  • Integrated, rip-stop meshing prevents snags and secures small objects.
  • High strength, weatherproofed material and quality construction create a durable, heavy-duty product.
  • Many securement points make for great versatility
  • Secures odd sized loads
  • Grips your load under tension
  • Distributes the load over a large surface area: no more broken cargo
  • 278 pound per square inch non-continuous tear material

*Contact us for additional information or installation questions

Every cargo net comes with six (6) e-track hardware straps which extend from 9” in - 3' ft.

Fast and easy single person operation that saves you time and frustration.
The best restraint possible for your cargo and peace of mind when you’re on the road.

Warranty/ Returns One year limited warranty
The Gladiator cargo net is patent protected