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How to fold your Gladiator Cargo Net

Has this every happened to you...Coming back from a weekend camping trip, just unloaded all your gear, ready to kick off your shoes when the spouse says "please put away the net before you come in"!  

How do I fold my new fancy net?!

How to fold your cargo net

Well fear not! We've created a simple 30 second video showing you just how easy it is. Not to mention we've updated our storage bag design to be "oversized" to ensure you don't have to be an origami master to take care of your stuff.

Check it out!

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We're always striving to make our products as efficient and user friendly as possible. When you hit the road you should be rest assured your gear is safe and sound... without the hassle of rope/bungees/twist-ties/nonsense. Only the best for our customers.

-Team Gladiator 

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