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International CVSA Roadcheck 2022

International CVSA Roadcheck 2022

Are you prepared?

It's that time of year again, the International CVSA Roadcheck 2022 is upon us. 

Why perform a pre-trip inspection? 


Regularly inspecting your vehicle will minimize the potential for issues on the road. Keeping drivers and others safe on the road at all times should always be the number one priority. Adding a Cargo Net on your loads is a great "visual deterrent" showing agents right on sight that you're considering safety. 


Just as companies are liable for the safety of their drivers, they are also liable for any incidences or damage caused by vehicles on the road. Unsecured cargo is the most prevalent cause of accidents caused by vehicles on the roadway. 


The quickest way to rack up a bill is to try and make repairs on the road! Issues caught during pre-trip inspections can ensure they're addressed on site prior to hitting the road and incurring surcharges. 

It's the law

To ensure compliance with multiple regulatory agencies (DOT, NHTSA, FHWA etc.) pre-trip inspections are documented and recorded for reference purposes. 


Check out our easy to use pre-inspection CHECKLIST

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