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SEMA 2019!

SEMA 2019 roadshow. Trailer net. Gladiator Cargo Utility net

About SEMA

  • With over 70,0000 attendees this is the leading automotive aftermarket trade show in the world and one of the biggest events of any type in Las Vegas.
  • Learn more on their website:
  • We'll be officially releasing our trailer specific cargo nets! These nets have been build to cover the two most common trailer sizes available. These are the same trailers rented out by Home Depot and U-Haul. The sizes are 5’x8′ and 6’x12′ ft. The nets overhang over the trailer walls providing complete coverage and the ability to haul cargo above the rails as needed.
  • Attending SEMA affords us the chance to meet retailers face to face and get our nets into more retail locations around the country and world.
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