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Gladiator Durability

Gladiator nets use a heavy-duty, UV-treated, polypropylene as our standard material. While other products may be used outdoors, ours are specifically designed to maintain their integrity even when exposed to the elements. Unlike polyester and nylon which absorb water, our polypropylene is naturally water resistant and the UV-coating makes it highly resistant to sun damage and a wide array of chemicals.
Of course we recommend storing it away when not in use, but we decided to test out how much we could throw at it. Even after years of "living" in the back of a truck, our Gladiator net is still as durable as the day it was made! 

Here we're strapping down a small pallet of tile being used for some home renovation- thankfully we just beat the rain. But regardless of your application your Gladiator net is sure to hold up just as well as ours. 

The webbing, integrated mesh, hardware straps, carabiners, and came buckles have all held up as well as the first day they were tossed in the back of our truck 3 years ago. We even left it back there during drive through car washes.

Here's to another 3 years! 

-Team Gladiator 

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