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Reporting a Lost or Unsecured Load

Unsecured cargo. Proper cargo securement. Reporting improper cargo securement. Reporting unsecured loads

Thank you all our readers for your commitment to proper cargo securement!

Law Enforcement asks everyone to do their part in keeping our roadways safe and clean. Follow this outline regarding the proper procedure on how to report a lost or unsecured load:

If you have witnessed or been a victim of a lost load you should call the local non-emergency phone line, or 911 in cases of emergency, and provide the following information required by law enforcement:

  • The location that you last saw the vehicle or trailer
  • Direction of travel (which way was it headed)
  • Name of road or highway
  • Color(s) of the truck or trailer
  • License plate number (if easily accessible) 
  • Truck Company’s name (if applicable)
  • Are you a victim or a witness?
  • What was witnessed (or any additional information)

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